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[fic] The Girl with All the Answers

Title: The Girl with All the Answers
Author: [personal profile] candyfloss
Series: Kingdom Hearts II
Characters: Naminé, Riku-Ansem, references to Roxas, Axel, Twilight trio
Rating: G
Type: Drabble
Summary: Does Roxas have a heart? Naminé knows the secrets to its innermost workings, but that is one question she cannot answer.

Naminé stepped out of the darkness to visit the white room one last time, to gather her belongings, few as they were. It was time to leave. She didn't expect to find, standing there with his back to her, the man in the black hood.

He was staring at one of her many drawings tacked to the white walls. Two figures in black; one with hair like fire, the other gold like the sun.

Still waiting.

“His friends are already waking up,” she said. “He's going to wake up soon, too. You're free to leave.”

“Not until he has.”

She looked around, to the table. Drawings were scattered around, but her sketchbook and crayons were gone.

Only one person would have taken them, and now he was gone. Her first and last possession had vanished with him. To where? Who knew. Maybe it was all scattered data now, lost forever.

Fitting, really. All their work over the past year, everything, it all culminated in today. The seventh day. The last of many days of sacrifices.

Happy first birthday to me. And to you, Roxas.

The end. The beginning.

“He was an exceptional Nobody.”

Naminé looked up, smiled sadly at him. It had been a matter of minutes, and already he was speaking in the past tense. “Yes.”

“According to DiZ, he insisted he had a heart, until the very end.” He turned, and looked over to her. Expecting an explanation. She, the memory witch, with all the answers to matters of the heart.

Except the answer to this.

“He's a Nobody, like me, and the rest. Only...” She looked to the drawing half-visible behind him. “He was able to feel. He had friends.”

“Or so he believed. One was a Nobody. The others were data.”

“Yet all had one thing in common: perhaps because of his influence, they acted as though they did have hearts, that their friendship was real. As for Roxas, making him forget he was a Nobody, making him believe that he had lived an ordinary life – it was so easy. His memories didn't even resist.”

Who are you? New kid around here?

I'm Roxas.

Well, newbie, nice to meet ya. I'm Hayner, this is Pence, and she's Olette. Busy today?

Nope... Why?

We were just about to go grab some ice cream. Wanna come?

Sea-salt ice cream?

You eat that weird stuff? Sure, if that's what you want.

Yeah! Listen, I know this amazing place...

Naminé's eyes swept across at the many drawings, at every little piece of Sora and his Nobody's equally exceptional existences. Simply by being themselves, they knocked down each and every one of the theories and hypotheses and rules that had been painstakingly built up.

“I suppose the truth,” said the hooded man, as he left the room, “is another secret Roxas took with him.”

She watched him go. Something like guilt followed him out.

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