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[fic] Substitute

Title: Substitute
Author: [personal profile] candyfloss
Series: Kingdom Hearts (358/2 Days)
Pairing: Naminé/Riku
Rating: G
Type: Drabble
Summary: Once again, Naminé is tempted to take what she cannot have.
Notes: For [personal profile] requiems.

Zig-zags of yellow clashing with bright blue, punctuated by curving clumps of white. Brown lines stretching up into the sky, topped with arches of green. A colourful beach scene, and despite the childlike style, everything as precisely positioned as a photograph. In the middle of it all, two figures: a girl in white, a boy in yellow and blue, with silver hair. Crude stick-arms join to hold hands.

He is finished. The girl is incomplete.

Naminé looks up from her sketchbook, and the sudden, endless white makes her blink. There is no colour in the room, nor the white flowerbud pod in the centre. The crayons on the colourless table is the only source to be found.

Her hand reaches out, hovers between the red and yellow crayons. The girl needs hair to be complete.

“What are you drawing?”

It pierces the silence and hum of machines, and Naminé's hand jerks away. She looks around, guiltily, and he is there, standing behind her. The strip of black that is now his eyes is fixed on her sketchbook. He cannot see it, but redness still creeps into her cheeks.

“Memories,” she says. Partly hating herself, feeling ashamed, that she'd almost chosen the yellow crayon. “Of you and her.”

“Can I see it, when it's finished?”

He sounds so quietly hopeful, so full of longing, but of course a drawing is no substitute for the real thing.

“Of course,” she says.

Riku's mouth – usually a tight, serious line – turns up at a corner into the ghost of a smile. Then he sweeps past her, as always, to check on the pod.

She's no substitute for the real thing, either.

As easy as it would be to give into temptation, to choose yellow hair over red, to paint her designs across bright beating hearts and draw them to her, draw his to her, she's learned from her mistakes. She won't interfere. Never again.

Naminé picks up the red crayon, and begins to complete the drawing.

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